5 Step Guide to Wear Menswear With an Oversized Blazer

5 Step Guide to Wear Menswear With an Oversized Blazer

In true Forever Fashion, oversized blazers have been slow to embrace the oversized blazer into mainstream wardrobe. Just like tight fitted clothes. Too loose clothes worn properly can make you appear smaller than you really are. The same applies for the pants. When you know the correct fit, your oversized blazer is a comfortable and easy to wear a piece of clothing

The first thing I recommend with this outfit, is that you should buy the shirt first and the jacket second. The shirt in this outfit should be fitted and slim fit. The jacket needs to be long enough to hide your belly and the bottom half of your trouser leg. A perfect blazer should have the right proportions all around and not stick out like a sore thumb because it is so fitted.

The second step is the pants. For this outfit, I recommend a fitted pair of shorts instead of chinos or jeans. This will help balance out the oversized blazer. The look you want here is slender fitting trousers that are cut low to the ankle and/or no calves. Blazer paired with cropped pants is a smart way to keep your midsection hidden.

Third step, the blazer itself. Oversized blazers are often associated with a bold trend. I suggest you stay away from this trend. Oversized jackets have been around for a long time and have been a staple in many formal as well as informal wear for generations. If you are looking for a trend, avoid this blazer.

Fourth, wear menswear. The classic black and white patterned tee-shirt are always a great option for this look. Men can pull this off with a blazer over top and a pair of chinos or jeans. This is a very versatile outfit and is the perfect fall or spring outfit. I advise picking up a plain black and white tee-shirt so you can pull this off with the blazer. This outfit works best with solid colors.

In conclusion, a trend is not always a good choice for a formal wear. You should know your man and be sure he knows you well. The last thing you want is something that he is going to hate. If you choose to wear an oversized blazer with a matching shirt and tie, you are likely to create a stylish and casual look. If you are unsure about how to pick the right outfit for your man, consider following these tips to ensure you are confident with your choice.

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