A Complete Guide to Tripp Pants

A Complete Guide to Tripp Pants

“Tripp Pants? Fucking awesome!” says a girl at the bar, while in awe at the sheer amount of tripp clothing that she has. “Like, every tripp style there is…hoodie, mini skirt, miniskirt, shirred and so on…even a t-shirt with a skull design.” We have all seen them: the girls wearing the tight little black mini skirts, and mini skirts that are way too short for her, or the cut-off shorts.

“I bet that makes it tripp pants or something,” I say. She giggles. “Yes, it’s definitely tripp pants,” she says. “How do you get the straps open? Like, how do you open a regular shirt with a chain?”

“Oh, that’s not the question. Just so you know, tripp pants come with zippers and with little chains.” I nod, smiling. “Good grief, no wonder they’re so popular – just looks good and gets everyone’s attention.”

I give her a look. She has a black metal chain neck, and black metal chains all over, including on the sleeves. “Does this make you look like a bad goth?” I ask.

“Oh man, I am so not a goth! I just like to wear sexy clothes and share my feelings.” She waves a hand in a gesture that meant ‘please don’t’. The reason I never bought tripp pants, I was afraid they would make me look like one. I liked the classic look of black lace with a little bit of white lace showing, and that was it.

But when I tried on one of these sexy and erotic tripp pants, I instantly found myself looking sexier in them than I ever had in a skirt or sweater before. Not only did I look sexier, but I felt sexier. I loved it!

So, if you want to be even sexier, try one of these on. If you can’t find a store where you can try on your own, check out your local costume shop. These sexy and erotic tripp pants are often only sold there. When you order them, the company usually will mail them to you free of charge. (You’ll need a credit card.) If you live near a costume store, they might even deliver them personally.

If you are interested in buying one of these pants, just use your credit card to pay for it. You should receive your order in no time at all, and you can wear them right away. And yes, that’s right, you can wear them to a date this weekend. Don’t think you can’t wear them to the club, because you’ll be just fine. Go ahead, and enjoy some tripp pants!

There are many different styles of tripp pants. I particularly like the ” Signature Design” pants. These are the ones with the famous rabbit or python logo on the back that you see all over the place. They come in either sleeveless or long styles, and either front or back zip up. The ” Signature Design” tripp pants are really a great option because they have a very revealing bottom part, and a very sexy design on the back.

Now, there are some other varieties of tripp pants that aren’t quite as revealing. I prefer the “Thong,” or thong style of pants, even though they aren’t actually called that. “Thongs” are made from elastic material that stretches around the hips and buttocks to create a skirt-like enclosure. These types of pants have the classic striping on the back but do not have any visible straps.

Okay, so now we come to the “Zebra Style” pants. Now I’m not sure what their design is called, but these tripp pants feature thick elastic banded legs and have very distinct black stripes down the side. Similar to the ” Signature Design,” the zebra print has become a popular look on the red carpet. They come in long or short sleeve styles, and both feature optional black strips that match the stripes on the back. These are gothic looking, and are most definitely designed for goth subculture individuals.

There are also some unisex tripp pants. For example, one company makes a cute little blue and yellow strapless pair that’s just for girls. And there are other companies making more traditional gothic styled pants with thick nylon straps and pinkish colors.

You can certainly find your own favorite style at a variety of online shops. Just try to pay attention to the brands, colors, and cuts of the various tripp pants. As I mentioned before, some of them are specifically designed for an edgier crowd. Whether you’re into goth and metal, or just want to wear a super casual wardrobe made from chains, the world of tripp pants is filled with choices.

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