Choosing Between Different Styles of Camel Blazer

Choosing Between Different Styles of Camel Blazer

Fashionistas everywhere are loving the look of the camel blazer. Whether you are going out to a fancy dinner or to the club, you will love the look of this timeless outerwear. There is something about this type of blazer that makes it so versatile and so warm; you will definitely be thankful that you have one in your closet when chilly weather comes around.

The look of a camel blazer lends itself to wearing as a standalone piece or as a part of another piece of clothing. Try layering a warm camel blazer with a light-weight pea coat, wool or cashmere sweater, leather or fleece jacket, or other winter jacket. Or try some of these other top-notch combination pieces to winterize your wardrobe with only one camel blazer. Wool women’s blazers make wonderful layering pieces for the fall and winter seasons. Pair a light pea coat with a stylish wool pea coat for a classy look, or pair a lightweight fleece jacket with a heavier cardigan for even more warmth and style.

In the warmer months, you will also love the versatility of camel blazers. You can easily switch up your blazers to get the right look for each season. Consider how you will be wearing a camel top or pea coat and then pair it with a nice cashmere sweater. Switch up the color of your top to get a summery look or opt for a solid color such as black when fall comes around. Your evening wear can be completed with a stylish leather blazer and cashmere sweater.

Springtime brings the best weather of the year, which means you will want to look your very best in your linen or silk blazers. Consider adding a spring print scarf or throw in a pretty pair of earrings for a fabulous look. For a more relaxed outfit, pair a cashmere sweater with your camel blazer for a casual look, or opt for a longer jacket for an even more fashionable look. Summer holidays can include a more casual ensemble paired with your basic cashmere blazer.

Winter gives us a look that is a lot more mellow than spring or summer. Many people opt to simply wear a shawl over their blazer. This is a great option for the coldest nights since the shawl can keep you warm without adding too much weight. You can also wear a heavier coat over the shawl as well to give yourself some added warmth without looking bulky. For a more elegant style, you can add a long line trench coat over your blazer. You can also choose to wear a cardigan overtop of your jacket or wrap it around your waist.

The versatility of a camel blazer makes it a must-have for many wardrobes. There are so many styles to choose from and they come in all colors. You can find one with the traditional look, one that features shiny metal embellishments, and even one that incorporate a patterned design. These items are designed to be worn for both formal and casual occasions, and they are perfect for all ages. Shop today to see how versatile and affordable camel clothes can be!

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