Choosing Hiking Pants For Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Choosing Hiking Pants For Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Hiking pants have forever saved hikers who require a highly functional, durable and flexible pair of pants specifically for backpacking and hiking. Hiking pants are extremely lightweight, quick-dry pants (typically made from different kinds of polyester) which are perfect for backpacking and hiking. They come in a variety of colors, materials, styles and designs. You can go for any kind of hiking pants you want based on your purpose, style and budget.

There is a wide range of fabrics available for hiking pants. These include nylon, polyester, denier polyester, spandex blend, leather, pvc and ripstop fabric. The type of fabric should be chosen according to the environment where you plan to go hiking. If you plan to go into a forest, then you should invest in a pair of waterproof fabric hiking pants so that the fabric do not get wet due to rain or other weather condition.

Nylon is the best fabric used for men’s hiking pants as it is light weight and moisture resistant. Denim and leather are used for women’s hiking pants as they too are light weight, but they are more uncomfortable than nylon as it makes them feel like you are wearing shorts. A polyester mixture is another popular choice for women’s pants.

A good pair of hiking pants should have both breathability and a good water-resistant property. The breathability aspect refers to the ability of the fabric to let air and moisture come through freely and also absorb moisture efficiently. The best hiking pants do have a Dwr Treatment. A D Wrinkle or tear resistance is what makes a fabric water-resistant. A fabric with a high D Wrinkle rating is considered to be the best in water-resistance as well as breathability.

The next thing that should be taken into consideration when buying hiking pants is the material. The fabrics that people usually prefer are the ones that are lightweight as the weight is less and since the fabric is lightweight; it allows room for movement therefore makes for comfortable walking. When looking for lightweight hiking pants, avoid synthetic fabrics as they are heavy and will cause blisters as well as cramps. A synthetic fabric can also have a low density which does not mean that it is not breathable, but its low density does not mean that it is a good lightweight option.

Other options are light weight polyester, nylon, or cotton blend fabrics. Nylon is the most popular material used for these types of hiking pants. Cotton is also another option, but the advantage of these fabrics is that they are very light weight, breathable, and durable which make them great for all purposes. However, they do tend to wrinkle easily and require ironing after repeated washings.

Another important factor in choosing the right pair of hiking pants is protection. This protection is available in different forms such as shells, leather, and mesh. These materials can all protect your legs from harm depending on the type of material that you choose. When choosing a pair of boots, the same protection should also be given to your legs. Most boots offer some form of protection for the front, back, and ankle areas of the boot although the front, back, and ankle areas will often be more vulnerable to injury if there is extensive hiking activity.

If one prefers the lightweight option, then choosing these types of hiking pants would also be an ideal choice. One can also opt to go with the nylon or polyester material since they are both lightweight. For instance, nylon has many advantages as compared to other forms of fabric. Nylon is a good choice for those who hike in remote and harsh locations where fabric such as cotton may not be an option due to its weight. Nylon is also known to have excellent moisture wicking properties.

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