How To Wear A Blazer With Shorts

How To Wear A Blazer With Shorts?

Pairing a classic navy blazer with tight-fitting white shorts can make a bold, fun look with an earthy, fun, vintage twist. Looking for a little extra fun in your everyday blazer? Try pairing it with a pair of cute, fuzzy shorts! A blazer with shorts really is a playful take on this classic fashion staple and ideal for summer. Here are five ways to wear a blazer with shorts this summer.

Wear Them With Jeans Instead of pairing a blazer with skinny jeans, try pairing your pants with the blazers. Pair blazers with dark washed jeans for a summer feel or opt for light washed, pure cotton jeans. This way you get the comfort of your favorite pants but keep the sharp look of a blazer. You can also jazz up your jeans by adding some printed canvas sneakers.

How To Wear Blazers With Teens These days, it’s common to see teenagers wearing blazers along with their skater skirts, leggings and other sundresses. Blazers paired with tights and fitted tops are an adorable way to add flair to your look. Or skip the trendiness and pair your blazers with tube, straight leg or boot cut shoes. You can also wear blazers with boy short or capris.

Boyshorts and Capris Never before has these two items been seen together, but boyshorts are a perennial summer wardrobe favorite and capris are a summer must-have. Worn with denim shorts or skinny jeans, boy shorts can be worn with almost any outfit. They pair well with a simple white t-shirt as well as a patterned v-neck sweater and tank top.

Chinos When most people think of chinos, they think of comfort and work wear. But today’s young men (and women) are turning to chinos as formal wear. Chinos are typically dark washed and have a button fly. They work great with an Oxford shirt and a blazer and can easily be dressed up with either a t-shirt or a sports jacket.

Denim Jeans If you’re going to a wedding or concert in a tight-fitting pair of jeans, a blazer can’t be avoided. A solid-colored blazer can easily be paired with a faded blue or khaki blue Jean. Or go all out and wear a white or grey Jean, preferably with rolled up cuffs. A blue or green jacket can pull the look together, or for something a bit more casual, a black jacket can be worn instead.

Polo Shirts The classic polo shirt is always an excellent choice for a man in a blazer. A plain one will fit in just about anywhere, and if he’s wearing a sports jacket, then it will stay in place and not get caught up in the collars of his tee. This goes well with a light-weight cotton t-shirt that’s been cut just slightly bigger than the blazer.

Sneakers And Chances Are You Already Own Them As Well You probably do own at least one pair of athletic shoes, whether they be sneakers tennis sneakers, basketball sneakers, or any other type. To complete your formal look, wear your favorite sneakers. For men, this can be either a white sneaker with tapered laces or lace up, or a darker colored pair. For women, consider either a black or brown sneaker with rolled up cuffs. The black ones are usually best for evening or daytime wear, while the brown are more appropriate for spring or fall events.

Bike Shorts Wears a motorcycle shirt or biker jacket will also help you achieve a great look with a blazer. Men can easily pull off the look with leather motorcycle boots, but women can wear any style with their short shorts. Women can even wear their bike shorts along with their skirts and blouses to make a dressy, sophisticated look. The motorcycle boots provide a sort of balance between the biker jacket and the bike shorts.

Jeans And Shoes If you prefer to skip the sneakers and opt for a blazer with a shirt, you can go ahead and skip the sneakers too. The classic black jean still works just as well, and you can always find a nice, cheap pair of sneakers to pair it with. For women, consider wearing a skirt paired with a blazer over a nice, classic pair of sneakers. The classic look is both smart casual and comfortable. Remember to choose flattering colors.

Skirts, T-shirts And Sweaters Another excellent option for men who want to create an outfit that combines fashion with function is wearing a blazer with jeans, t-shirts or sweatshirts. You can also wear a blazer with any of your favorite pants. Unstructured blazers in solid colors such as black, grey, brown are excellent options for all-over wear.

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