How To Wear A Linen Blazer

How To Wear A Linen Blazer?

A linen blazer is the one piece of clothing that always fits perfectly and never goes out of style. A well-cut blazer in a good linen material can make you look both sharp and timeless. This article will guide you to choose the right blazer to complete your look.

If you’re planning to go out in the latest styles or rock a trendy linen blazer, you’ll need a few basic pieces of clothing to pull everything together. Start with your linen blazer itself, one that’s in a neutral color to balance out your outfits. Brown suede or dark chino would be the perfect choice for this ensemble. For sober days when this ensemble seems too plain, inject a bit of subtle sophistication with a pair of crisp brown leather boots.

For something a little flashier, opt for a brightly colored linen blazer in one that plays up the oranges, violets, and yellows in your clothes. Wear it with your best skinny jeans, or wear it layered over a shirt with a patterned neckline. Or break out the bright colors for a bold but sophisticated look. Match it up with a colorful silk shirt or light-colored cotton pants.

When it comes to clothing combinations, nothing compares to a linen blazer with an impeccable pair of shoes. If you can’t quite get these two outfits looking right together, try turning it into an easy dessert: layer a linen blazer with black patent/peep toe boots. Pull off this look with a cashmere sweater and brown loafers. You could also choose a denim skirt for the bottom half of your ensemble and make it an overall contrast with your patent leather shoes. For a more casual outfit, pull off this look with your linen blazer, white tights, and white Converse sneakers.

As you can see, there are endless ways to wear a linen blazer. The key is to ensure that your choice of top is appropriate to the outfit you are putting together. This will allow you to highlight the positive qualities in your clothing while hiding any defects you may have. Take some time to really think about how you want your linen blazer to work with the pieces of clothing you already have. It should be something that coordinates well with your everyday attire as well as the accessories you are wearing.

A linen blazer can be a staple part of any woman’s fashion arsenal, whether it is new or vintage. It has the ability to add subtle sophistication or a loud, sparkling style all on its own. Experiment with different styles, colors, and combinations to find the look that works best for you. Take your time, and play around with the different patterns so that you can find the right fit and design for your body type. With the right linen blazer, you will always look like a million bucks!

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