How to Wear Black Blazers Correctly?

How to Wear Black Blazers Correctly?

Although black blazers have always been very versatile outfits, you may want to pair them with just about anything and still be sure to look amazing. Instead of going out and trying to think up unique outfits for blazers, take a cue from this guide on how to wear a black blazer the right way. The blazer is a classic wardrobe staple, so it makes sense to know how to use it to its full advantage. Instead of trying to be original and stand out in an unfashionable way, take the time to learn the basics and you’ll be able to create killer looks with blazers in no time at all.

One of the first things that you must do when pairing a black blazer with blue pants is to ensure that your blazers fit well. If they are baggy or too long, they will appear out of place and give you an awkward look. However, if they fit properly, they will look great with your blue shirt. Instead of trying to hide them behind too many items, you should focus on ensuring that the majority of the fabric is in the same color as your outfit.

Black blazers come in a variety of colors, so you should consider what your main color is when wearing a black blazer with blue pants. If you don’t like a dark shade, consider wearing lighter colors such as grey, beige, or brown. However, black pants in a darker shade of blue will be extremely smart casual and can be worn for business casual as well as dinner.

Another thing that you should consider when wearing a black blazer with blue pants is to ensure that you select a comfortable style. For example, don’t choose a pair of blue slim pants paired with a black blazer as it will be unflattering. Instead, select a pair of blue slacks that are a slightly dark shade such as black, beige, or grey. The same goes for leather jackets that are too large for your pair of blue jeans. It may seem cute to wear an oversized jacket or coat to a wedding, but it will be unflattering and you will look like a frump instead of a lady!

Finally, consider the shading of your shoes. If you are going to wear a black blazer with blue pants, try to find shoes that have the same shade of blue. For example, if your shoes are a shade of beige, try to pair them with a great pair of pants. Similarly, if you are wearing a black sports coat with white pants, try to wear white shoes or gray pants.

Overall, black blazers can be worn with almost anything. However, make sure to find a versatile piece such as a double-breasted black blazer. This way, you won’t wear it only for formal affairs but also for a casual date. Also, always consider the shading of the shoes you are going to wear with your black blazers.

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