Oversized Black Blazer - Stylish Style

Oversized Black Blazer – Stylish Style

Every woman loves a great pair of oversized black blazers. The great thing about these items is you can team them up with almost anything, including dresses and skirts. This is because black is always a versatile color. Here are just some of the occasions you can match a fantastic oversized blazer with an outstanding piece of jewellery.

Springtime. If you love to play in the sun then don’t miss out on this season’s most loved attire – a pair of stylish striped top and red trousers. A striped top is a must have for a spring outfit, one that also doubles as a very pretty necklace. Pair your striped top with a white or neutral colored striped pants to keep things in balance. If you want to get a little wilder, put on some brightly coloured nail polish and get some funky make up.

Summer. If you want to keep things pretty much the same as they were in winter, then continue to wear your gorgeous striped top. But this time to mix things up by wearing a bold striped top along with some cool, blue leather trousers. You can also get a v-neck sweater to round off this look.

Fall. One of the scariest periods of the year is Halloween, and nothing says autumn like a gorgeous leather jacket, with a pointed collar and a matching belt. For ladies who don’t want to wear a traditional blazer, go for a more casual version of leather trousers with a striped top. Then add a colourful jewellery necklace and some gorgeous leather gloves and you will have the perfect autumn outfit.

Winter. Black is the ultimate wardrobe staple, and it is a timeless colour. So if you have decided that it is time to up the glamour, make sure that you stay away from pastel colours such as yellow, pink, green and blue. Go for a more dramatic look with a black dress and jewellery necklace. Black is a universal colour, so it will pair up with almost any other outfit.

Spring. The weather is starting to change back to the warmer weather we experienced in the summer. So what do you wear this spring? One great option is an oversized black blazer with a pair of denim skinny jeans or chinos. For something a bit different, opt for a coloured Jean skirt with a patterned top to frame your shoulders.

Summer. Here it is! The end of summer is finally here and it is time to take stock of your wardrobe and decide what pieces you still want. If you are planning on wearing your favourite monochrome jewellery this summer, then try out some bolder coloured pieces. For instance, an oversized silver corset with a pair of metallic stilettos will look stunning with your silver jewellery.

Winter. The cold weather is upon us and now is a great time to buy some heavier weight winter items. An oversized black blazer works particularly well with woolly mammoth chunky jewellery like a large silver cross pendant, large silver or gold bead earrings and a large crystal chandelier necklace. For something a bit classier, opt for a silver over brass jewellery and you will be guaranteed to be the life of the party.

Spring. This is the season where you can finally ditch the thermal blanket and get out into the sunshine. This is the season when you can finally wear those stunning handbags you have been hiding in your closet. Add some colourful heels to your already gorgeous outfit and you will look ready to conquer the world. Don’t forget to accessorise with a leather belt, some stylish high-heeled boots and you will look like royalty.

Fall. Yes, autumn is definitely the time to add some gorgeous oversized black blazers and other formals to your wardrobe. There are some really gorgeous options here – think about some gorgeous chunky silver necklaces, a frilly satin evening gown or a gorgeous gold and silver pair of earrings. Accessorising with jewellery will always help you look elegant and sophisticated.

Winter and Spring. At this time of the year there are some great opportunities for you to experiment with a range of different styles. If you prefer solid colours then stick with black, but if you are more adventurous you could experiment with a little bit of chocolate or lavender. If you are feeling really adventurous you could mix the colours up even further and wear a white oversized blazer underneath a pair of denim shorts. The key to looking good all year round is to stay inspired by the latest fashion and carry your style with you wherever you go.

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