Tips to Remember When Shopping For a Double Breasted Blazer Jacket

Tips to Remember When Shopping For a Double Breasted Blazer Jacket

One of the most classic and simple styles of blazers is a double-breasted blazer. The word double breasted simply refers to a jacket or coat with two parallel rows of stitching across the front and at the rear. The double-breasted blazer usually has one to three rows of inner buttons, no more than two of which are practical. The double-breasted blazer is great for jackets worn in all types of weather, whether it’s cold and/or windy or sunny and/or rainy.

The benefits of wearing a double breasted blazer are fairly obvious. First, they are incredibly warm – far warmer than you would expect a jacket to be. Because they are so warm, they can be worn even in the coldest of winter months, because you won’t feel like you are constantly being forced to part your garment and get out of it! Additionally, a double-breasted blazer can be extremely casual, meaning that you can wear it to work in, or casually at dinner with friends. They are simple to fasten, and are designed so that the buttons close tightly so that they don’t leave anything loose that can become caught in a zipper or other opening. That’s a big deal!

A double breasted blazer is typically worn as a jacket. They are often accessorized with a waistcoat or bolero (with the number of buttons, matching the number of breast pockets) and sometimes a shawl or fascinator. A single breasted blazer can also be worn over a shirt or tunic. It is essentially an open collar shirt, which looks terrific with jeans, dresses, shorts, or even a t-shirt.

There are a few things to know about double breasted blazers: For older men, it is always important to button up the shirt’s front opening. Doing so will ensure that your torso is covered completely, which will minimize the risk of you snagging an underarm sleevekerchief or other item of clothing. Additionally, make sure that you always button up your breast pockets and/or inner cuffs, because a shirt or blazer with a single or double band may come undone if you happen to lose one of the buttons. Additionally, double-breasted blazers generally come with three buttons; the left, right, and center buttons should always face inward.

There are a couple other things to look for in a double-breasted blazer. Remember that you want the material to match the type of suit that you’re wearing. A matching suit will look nice and coordinated with a blazer that has a solid color, but you can also mix and match different colors to give yourself a more individual look. You can look similar to you neighbor or coworker, or you can look like you’ve spent years in business class and have a business suit on. Matching suits never fails, so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting the fabric for your outfit.

Finally, a double-breasted blazer jacket is most comfortable if the buttons are accessible and easy to push. If they are hard to push, the fabric will be uncomfortable and the jacket won’t be as flattering. So, always check the buttons before putting the jacket on. Last but not least, there are a few final tips to remember when purchasing this type of blazer. Overall, it is a great option if you don’t want to spend too much money on a traditional blazer, as it will tend to look more upscale than other forms of blazers.

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