Top 5 Ways to Wear White Sweatpants

Top 5 Ways to Wear White Sweatpants

These days it seems that the only people who wear white sweatpants are members of the military. If you have a job that allows you to work in such cool conditions, then you should really make sure that your white pants are 100 percent white. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

First of all, make sure that they are white from head to toe. Not just some little part of the bottom. This is known as fade resistance and it will help you to stay cool even when the surrounding temperatures start to heat up. Another thing to think about here is ventilation. Not just enough ventilation but all the ventilation that you can get. White is generally the color that has the best ventilation.

Next, make sure that you do not wear white inside. Yes, I know that it is funny because you will think that it is cool to be wearing white but it just does not mix well with others. If you are in a social situation where all the other people there are wearing white, then make sure you are the only one wearing a colored white shirt. You will never be seen in a new white t-shirt but you will see someone in a black t-shirt.

Do not wear white pants during the summer time. Even if it is just a pair of white jeans, you want to make sure that they are white. You may be wearing a light blue jean skirt or something similar but you still want to make sure that the white pants are on that particular outfit. Do not mix and match the other colors that you may have in your wardrobe. That is a sure way to look like a fool.

When you go out drinking and you end up getting bit, don’t make fun of the people that are getting bit. If you do this in public you will end up having even more problems than you already have. If all else fails, then make sure that you have some thick white paper with you so that you can write them down and keep them in your pocket all the time. The next time you get bit, write down the number that you were the person who bit so that you can call and let the medics take care of you. Then when you see a ambulance, take the paper and write down the number so that the paramedics know to come to your aid.

No matter how many white pants you buy, they will not make you look any better than any of the people around you. Even worse is when you are in a very compromising situation and the white pants stop you from breathing. You will look like you just swallowed a log. Make sure that you always wear white when you need to breathe. It is much better than breathing in smoke.

Also, do not wear white pants when you are doing physical activities such as running. Most people think that wearing white makes the runner run faster but it actually makes the runner slower. This is because white absorbs the light and heat that comes from the sun. So when you are doing your run, wear a t-shirt and shorts so that your skin is not strained by the heat. If you have to wear white pants, make sure that they are loose without too much material and that it is not wrinkled.

Finally, if you are working out at the gym, make sure that your white sweatpants does not show too much sweat. You should also keep your white t-shirt on so that your sweat does not show. Your white sweatpants should help you stay cool and look great while you exercise but if you do not care about your appearance then they will not help you at all.

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