Why a Black Velvet Blazer Will Not Go Out of Style

Why a Black Velvet Blazer Will Not Go Out of Style?

Wearing a Black Velvety Blazer always gives a refined and more professional look at the office. This attire can easily be paired with a simple striped shirt or even a unique tie to lend it a more stylish appearance. These accessories are also very comfortable tailored garments that go perfectly with almost any formal occasion. The black color is an attractive focal point to complement any outfit and it also makes you look well put together and professional. In fact, if you want your business to look to be complete and flawless, wearing a blazer made from black fabric would really do the trick.

One thing that would really make this outfit stand out is pairing it with the right shoes. It goes well with almost any type of outfit and you may consider adding a pair of elegant loafers or stilettos to complement it further. But for a more casual look, you can just pair it with the black velvet blazer and you’ll definitely get the attention you need. Just make sure you pair it with something else so you can wear the outfit to its fullest potential.

Apart from the black velvet blazer, you can also consider pairing it with a simple pair of black trousers or skirt. You can wear the scarf in this leg wear and it can go with the belt. This outfit would also be great for occasions when you need to work on your corporate identity because it’s not only going to be comfortable but also add up some additional professionalism to your outfit.

Pair the blazers with some smart-colored socks. A great pair of bright socks like red or black will accentuate your black velvet blazers perfectly. If you want, you can also match it with a nice pair of shoes. These shoes can either be in black or in some other colors. Again, make sure that you choose them carefully so you can pair them up with the right outfit. You can wear a short black dress with a pair of red shoes, for instance.

The next thing you can do is to consider accessories. For a truly striking effect, you can simply add a couple of accessories to your black velvet blazers blazer ensemble. A detachable accessory would be perfect since you can keep it and use it whenever you need it. Another accessory that you can consider is a small purse. There are many women who choose to put their purses inside the embroidered blazers. But before you opt to do this, it would be best to make sure that the size of your purse and your outfit complement each other.

Black velvet blazers can go well with a pair of men’s suits. A man’s suit should be one which goes well with the color of the blazer but not the color of the suit itself. Black blazers have always been known as the classic choice for men’s suits. Thus, dressing your manly man in a blazer will always be something that you can consider as the right option. If you are planning to spend a bit more on your men’s suits, you may also go ahead to consider putting on a tie as well.

As you know, weddings are a special event that should be remembered for a lifetime. So, when you go dressed as a bride, you must make sure that every part of your outfit is appropriate for the event. You must dress properly, so you can look beautiful and make heads turn. Of course, if there is anything that you need in terms of change, it would be the jewelry.

So, while wearing a black velvet blazer, you should be careful not to let it take over everything else in your wardrobe. Remember that this blazer is meant to add accent to your men’s suits. Make sure that your blazer compliments your body, not overdoing it. Go for something that is subtle yet appealing.

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