Wool Blazer Or Navy Blue Blazer?

Wool Blazer Or Navy Blue Blazer?

What shade shirt with navy blue blazer looks good? So, lets talk about this most important question on your head – what to wear with such blazers. Truth be told, just about anything that you own will match the navy blue blazer combination quite well. Here are some tips on what to match and which combinations are trendy right now.

Generally speaking, there are two main factors that contribute to making blazers outfit stylish – the shirt and the trousers. If you wear a very simple shirt, then it is going to be impossible for your blazers to stand out. However, if you have a number of shirts in your wardrobe (or a large wardrobe), then you can mix and match with different styles of blazers without too much worry. For instance, a dark washed trousers with a white cotton shirt or a light washed trousers with a solid blue shirt all made from the same fabric (rosen or cotton).

However, the most popular blazers are those that are single-breasted and made from wool or silk. Cotton blazers are also quite common and many people choose them for their everyday wardrobe and can still look good in the more glamorous navy blue blazer. They can be worn with both casual trousers and formal pajamas.

If you are considering wearing the blazers to work, a great pair to pair with your navy blue blazer is a dressy pair of slacks or a navy blue blazer and a pinstriped dress. If you do not want to go all out, never go polo shirts with these pieces. Remember that it is always advisable to wear a coat over your outfit and always ensure that you are warm as well as looking smart. A woolen jacket will help keep you warm too and will make you look like you are dressed in the morning (or worse for wear! ).

Wearing the wool over your t-shirt or jeans is also a good idea if it is cold, even on a mild day. If you buy a pair of high quality jeans, which look stylish and fit snugly, but they have elastic waists, you can wear a wool pair of tights under them. This will keep you warm through the day, just in case you need to go out in the colder weather. Another great thing about these shoes is that they are so comfortable, and you never have to rush out to get your shoes on because you do not feel they are being worn, or that they are being pulled up. The navy blue blazer can easily be tucked into your trousers or your t-shirt, and because they come in a wide range of colours, you can choose a different one for each outfit.

This is something that goes with everything, and is always a good choice for wearing with a nice dress, or even just with a night out and a few drinks. Remember though, that the navy blue blazers are not meant to be worn all the time, especially with something as formal as a dinner party, so do not wear them every day. If you have a date coming up, you should stick to a simpler outfit and leave the wool blazers at home. However, if you want to look classy at a dinner party, or a fancy dress event, a wool blazer is the perfect partner for any evening occasion.

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